Share. Sell. Revoke.

Access To Your Single Source of Truth

Register Ownership

Current World

Every platform owns your data and controls your personal Information.

Flip Economy

Lens' vision is to build a new data economy where you are in control.

Single Source of Truth

Begin by establishing your true identity, profile and personal information that you own and control in a decentralized single source of truth

How Lens Works

Maintain ownership and control by subscriptions

  • Share Subscriptions

    Instead of giving your data away, you give subscriptions (Lens) to access data that you own.

  • Sell Subscriptions

    Generate revenue by selling subscriptions to data that you own.

  • Control Access

    Change, customize or revoke access to your data at any time.

Take Back Control

Never give your data away, give a subscription (Lens) to data that you own.