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Access To Your Data

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LENS protects your contact info so it doesn't get sold or misused.


You have complete control over who can and cannot contact you.

Spam Emails and Calls

“I get 5-10 spam calls a day, and it’s annoying. I don’t even know how they got my number since it’s not public. I have to block the numbers individually, but there’s always more the next day. It’s the same for spam email. It doesn’t end even when I unsubscribe.”

Meeting Strangers

“It's hard to date people these days without using apps. But I don’t really know the people I'm connecting with, so I don’t trust them with my phone number or email just yet. What if they turned out to be a creep or were running a scam?”

Discounts and Mailing Lists

“I like to shop online, but I don't want to give them my real email or phone number because I know they're going to sell my information or send me messages about things I don't want.”

How the Lens Alias Service Works

  • Revoke Access

    If one of the services or people you've shared an alias with has abused the alias, you can revoke their subscription to your Lens. This will break the connection between your alias and your real email or phone number.

  • Create Aliases

    An alias is a fake email or phone number that connects to your real email and phone number. Create aliases to protect your true phone number and email.

  • Share Aliases

    Share your aliases instead of your real email and phone number. You can use these aliases to sign up for a service, share with companies, or share with strangers.

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