A Network of People

Not Platforms

We Connect to Each other

At Lens people connect directly to people, no Facebook, no Google, just you.

No More Being Spied On

Since we cut the platform out no one is watching your online interactions, this mean no more unwanted advertisements.

Full Data Ownership and Control

Without them between us we can have full ownership and control of our data. We can choose who has access, what terms they can access it, and revoke the data at anytime.

We Are all Verified

Why should celebrities be the only verified users of the internet? Lens verifies all users so when we connect to each other we know exactly who is on the other end. 

How to be a part of the Lens

There are two ways to connect to Lens. You can use your own laptop or you can purchase a Lumen device. Both devices store your data and facilitates your interactions on Lens, you use your mobile device to control your interactions and your data from where ever you are.
Lumen Device

Don't have a laptop? The Lumen device will allow you connect to the Lens network and store all of your data. It stays at home and you control it with your mobile device.

Personal Computer

Have a personal computer? You can run Lens directly from your own computer. All of the data you share on Lens can be controlled from your mobile device.

Where Are we Starting?

Let our founder Mark explain the peer-to-peer network and where we are starting.

How the Lens Alias Service Works

You share data through what we call a "Lens," catchy right? To help explain what you can share with a Lens we have explained it in terms of our starting point, the Contact Lens.

  • Create your Contact Lens

    Your Contact Lens allows you to give subscriptions to a collection of phone number and email aliases that protect your real phone number and email.

  • Generate Aliases and Share

    Create a phone number and email alias that protects your true phone number and email. You can use this alias to sign up for a service, share with companies, or share with other peers.

  • Revoke Access

    If one of the services, companies, or peers has abused the alias you have granted them you can revoke their Contact Lens. They will no longer have anyway to contact you unless you grant them another Lens.

This is just the start, we have a lot of new features in the works!

We are building new infrastructure that will allow you to share information in the peer-to-peer world! Giving full ownership of your contact info is a great starting point, but we have big plans on where we are taking this so we don't have to use platforms anymore.
Early Adopter Program

We are not public just yet, but don't worry were letting select individuals use the product early! Tell us why you want join early adopter program bellow!

Public Lens

The Public Lens will allow you to create a profile containing information you're okay showing to the world. It will run off your Lens Network connected device.


DAPPs is short for "Decentralized Applications." We need entrepreneurs to build the AirBnbs, the Ubers, and the Slacks of the decentralized internet.

The Team