Hi we're Lens!

We are here to fix the internet. What a bold statement right? You probably didn't even realize it was broken, but it is. 

So why is the internet broken?

Well it starts with the ecosphere where our online persona currently lives, the platforms that make the internet useful own our time and digital footprint.

Why are these platforms so evil?

To connect to each other first we must connect peer-to-platform. Platforms are services such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Every second we spend on these platforms we create 2.5 quintillion of valuable personal information every day. 

How they are exploiting you?

They collect all of this personal information from you by monitoring every interaction you make on your phone. They then take that information and sell it on the data market that is valued at 11.4 billion just in the US. Once your personal information is sold you have no control of who owns it, where it is stored, and what they are using it for.

Now, how do we fix the internet?

Well we start with the Lumen device. The Lumen will allow you to interact on the internet without ever having to create an account on another platform again. Consider yourself your own platform.

  • Peer-to-Peer

    Your Lumen connects you directly to peers, this eliminates any need for a platform or service that stands between you and your friends.

  • App Controlled

    Your Lumen will stay at home, if you need to access any of your data or content you will do so through the Lens app.

  • Data / Content Storage

    All of your data (personal info, photos, financial, location, work history) and content is categorized and stored on the Lumen.

  • Data Subscriptions

    Data stays with your Lumen, you may give or revoke subscriptions to your data.

Now that I own all my data, how do I share it?

You share data through what we call a "Lens," catchy right? To help explain the what you can share with a Lens we have explained it in terms of our starting point, the Contact Lens.

  • Create your Contact Lens

    Your Contact Lens allows you to give subscriptions to a collection of phone number and email aliases that protect your real phone number and email.

  • Generate Aliases and Share

    Create a phone number and email alias that protects your true phone number and email. You can use this alias to sign up for a service, share with companies, or share with other peers.

  • Revoke Access

    If one of the services, companies, or peers has abused the alias you have granted them you can revoke their Contact Lens. They will no longer have anyway to contact you unless you grant them another Lens.

This is just the start, we have a lot of new features in the works!

We are building new infrastructure that will allow you to share information in the peer-to-peer world! Giving full ownership of your contact info is a great starting point, but we have big plans on where we are taking this so we don't have to use platforms anymore.
Public Lenes

The Public Lens will allow you to create a profile containing information you're okay showing to the world. It will run off your Lumen Device.


DAPPs is short for "Decentralized Applications." We need entrepreneurs to build the AirBnbs, the Ubers, and the Slacks of the decentralized internet.

The Team