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Dear Facebook Employees Don’t Buy a Burner Phone, Use Our Alias Service!

Dear Facebook Employees Don’t Buy a Burner Phone, Use Our Alias Service!

By Kyle Guin // Marketing Lead

I read a BuzzFeed article the a few days ago named Mark Zuckerberg’s Biggest Problem: Internal Tensions At Facebook Are Boiling Over. One of the things that really interested me about the article is the fact that Facebook employees are so worried that Facebook is tracking their phones they’re buying burner phones so they can talk bad about the company to the press and other employees within the company. I think we could all learn a thing or to about company culture from Facebook, kidding.

This one goes out to the Facebook employees that are buying burner phones, you don’t need to! If you’re interested you can become an early adopter of our product, we have an alias service that will allow you to create a burner number, the number is hosted a device that exist on a peer-to-peer network so you’d be safe from your own company.

Even if you’re not a Facebook employee and are interested in this type of service we have our early adopter program open right now and we are taking applicants. If you would like to apply you can reach out to me directly at my public Lens or apply on our website

What is a Public Lens?

What is a Public Lens?

By: Kyle Guin // Maketing Lead

To kick this off go check out Now I know what you’re thinking, Kyle why are you excited about this terrible early 2000’s looking social media? Well there’s more to it you than what you think, this public Lens is the start to a new era. This basic little profile is changing the way we’re able to use the internet…see over the past decade the only way for us to share information, be discovered by the world, and share photos of our pets on the internet was to create an account on a platform like Facebook and Google. The disadvantage to these services is when we sign up we must sign a terms and service agreement which gives them access to our most personal information and the permission to share it and sell it. Their free service isn’t really free.

So why is this Public Lens the greatest thing since sliced bread? Well essentially it allows you to have a presence on the internet, be searchable, and share photos of your dog without signing up for any social platforms. The Public Lens is hosted on my laptop and backed up by a second peer I created with a tool called hashbase. Think about it, I am on the internet without having to give up any personal information. I am on the internet without being tracked by any companies. I am on the internet completely on my own terms. This is what data ownership looks like.

To put this in perspective if I turned off my computer it would end my whole internet existence. In today’s world even if you were to delete every social profile your information would still exist across the internet stored in some companies server.

So did I convince you? Do you want your own public lens? If you do, we’re getting closer to releasing something like this to the public. I’d love to give you one today but the user interface is a bunch of lines of code and you need to know your way around terminal to operate it. We’re packaging this up and hoping to release it to the public in early 2019. If you’re interested in being an early adopter head over to my Public Lens and request my contact info and I’ll get back to you!

Apple, I Want a New Device.

Apple, I Want a New Device.

By: Mark Chavez // Co-Founder and CEO

 My iPhone does a great job to sense, detect, produce and collect my data. It then does something very big brother, it takes my information and it sends it to someone else.  Applications, platforms and services constantly need to harvest my information. Then they sell it right back to me in a form of an advertisement or other exploitive means to get my attention to make a profit.

The iPhone is the pipeline that feeds and supplies what Tim Cook calls the Industrial Data Complex. It is extremely efficient and the question I now ask is, who does my iPhone really work for? In the information age, why does everyone own my data except for me?

I want a new device, a new type of iPhone that works solely for me.  What would this look like? First it would never send my data to anyone.  It’s primary purpose would be to sense, collect and store all of my data, in a single source of truth and keep it under my ownership and control.

It would connect me to a new type of Appstore, one that held only decentralized applications.  These are applications that don’t harvest or own data, rather they subscribe to it. Where do they subscribe? That would be to me, requesting subscription to my data and under my terms and conditions.

The entire Cloud/Mobile system was built upside down. I am put in the position of having to sign other’s one way click through agreements so that they can take my data, own it and monetize it. Who built this inequitable system and why do I have no choice but to hand over my data at every point of interaction?

This is why we are building Lens, to flip the entire system and put power, ownership and control directly into the hands of the individual. This means putting technology in a completely different role, one that supports individual autonomy, a personal freedom to interact with others privately and securely.

As we innovated and started to build a new ecosphere it became clear that we could not use the iPhone to store and maintain data ownership. It is engineered to take my data and give it to others. As a result my data is scattered everywhere and it only gets worse over time. When I sign up for new apps and services, bam there goes my data and control. It’s like I have a personal KGB agent always working to listen, harvest and analyze.

We had to shift and build from a new starting point we call Light. In Light, data is no longer given away. If there is a business, a form, an application or a service which requires my information then it requests a subscription to the my data. This puts me in a new role of complete ownership and control. I no longer have to give data away, I only approve subscriptions to data that I own.

Tim and Apple, we need your help here!  We need a iPhone that works in Light and let’s us keep ownership of our personal data. An iPhone that never gives my data away, it tirelessly works on my behalf and removes the KGB agent from my life!