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Build from a New Starting Point

Build from a New Starting Point

By Mark Chavez // Co-Founder & CEO


Growing up on a ranch gave me many opportunities to build new things which we needed to either solve a problem or plan for growth.  My dad was someone who could design and build anything he put his mind to. He taught me how to get my dreams down on paper, figure out the requirements, find the resources and put it all into action.  Before long, what was a dream became a reality.

There is much talk about disruption and transformation in the world of technology, but what really interests me is building from a new starting point.  The evolution of technology makes new beginnings not only possible but inevitable.

The current platform centric architecture of the cloud requires that I first connect to a platform to then be able to connect with you.  This is where all the exploitation and harvesting of our time and data takes place. I leave a trail of data at every point of interaction.  My data is scattered, harvested and monetized by others in a market that I am not even part of. In most cases it is then sold right back to me in the form of advertisements.


What if there was a solution where I could own all of my data, completely under my control, capability to decide who could have access to what information and under my terms and conditions?  Most importantly, instead of transfering my data to others, I could give subscribed access to it. This would be similar to Netflix where I can stream and watch content but not download it. I could cease leaving a trail of data and move from giving away my data to owning it.  

This is the new beginning that we are building and it all starts with what is referred to as a single source of truth.  In the world of Information Technology, establishing the single source of truth is a primary purpose. All businesses should have one truth, the master data, for such things as its employees, customers and physical assets.

I believe that we, as individuals, should also have one source of truth for our data.  A self storage container where all of our data, especially our master data such as name, address, resume, photos, videos, healthcare, social and financial resides under our own individual ownership and control. If someone requires access to our data, we don’t fill in their forms or send them the information, instead we give them a subscription and policy to access only what they need.  

This means that when I change my address for example, I only need to change it in one place.  Every document, application, service and platform that has subscribed access to my truth would then observe the change.  As important, I would clearly know who has access to what information and could revoke or change that access at any time.  

Establishing the single source of truth for the individual is our starting point.  Our product and our business model is individual data autonomy. This is a clear departure from the cloud / mobile architecture and business model which always tries to take your data and sell it in a market that you are not even in.

This solution is possible because of the new tool we are developing called a Lens.  A Lens is a subscription and policy to access specific data that you own. You can give a Lens, revoke a Lens or change the access on a Lens at anytime.  

The best part is that we can remove the need for the platform, the man in the middle that does all the harvesting.  You will no longer need to use Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin to share the respective information with others. The single source of truth, ownership of your data and the Lens will give you freedom to interact privately and securely with others.  

Furthermore, if an enterprise does require your data, they will have to purchase your Lens and you decide what they have access to and under what terms and conditions.  Enterprises in the future will no longer own our data, they will have to subscribe to it. They never should have had it in the first place!

Data is the new oil, the new currency and today we have no choice but to give it away to others. We are building from a new starting point where the individual is at the center, in full ownership and in control. This has been a dream of mine for a quite a while and it is now becoming a reality!

Since discontecting from all platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn my only online presence is through my own public Lens found here

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Oct 30, 2018 • Posted by Carolyn Ramirez

Very good information about other sites and I will have to read much more to learn about this new product.

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