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My Time their Agenda

My Time their Agenda

By: Mark Chavez // CEO & Cofounder

Over 2 years ago I discovered that more and more of my time everyday was going to work someone else’s agenda. I was completely addicted, consumed by the technology that was part of my world.

One afternoon I was sitting down for lunch and it just hit me. When was the last time I just had a quiet lunch, letting thoughts come and go, let ideas form, to simply be present and connected to those who were around me?

The answer was clear — being present is no longer possible with the continuous intrusion of today’s technology. Even if I wasn’t on my mobile, new messages, Facebook posts, emails, and Whatsapp messages all continued to queue, demanding that I come back and work through them.

Much like the rest of the world, I carry a mobile device everywhere I go. The real purpose of this device is to get my attention and my time. It is in fact a marketplace for my time and the platforms and applications that sit behind the device are socially engineered to be highly addictive.

More of my time was spent on their priorities and not mine. Time, the one thing I cannot create, buy, hedge, borrow or steal. I only get 24 hours today and the only thing I can control is how I spend it.

At first I just stopped using the platforms and applications that were consuming me. I immediately got hours back to my day. Hours! Then I noticed how smart the system is at getting my attention. After a week or so of not logging into Facebook, I all of a sudden started getting new friend requests. I was being prioritized on the “people you might know” list.

Even though I opted out of getting email alerts and updates, they resumed. Each one stepped up the game, telling me about new friend requests and what I was missing by not logging in. It felt like I was being told to “get back to work”.

It became clear what my next step would be. I permanently deleted all my social media accounts, including Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter…all of them and I have not looked back since.

Having a career on building the cloud and its platform centric model I have come to my personal belief that it is built wrong. Technology use to work on my behalf. It use to to give me time back so I could do things that were much more meaningful. The washing machine, the automobile, the calculator; all good examples of making a day more efficient.

Today technology only makes money if it gets our time.

I spent several months carefully studying the problem and trying to find out how to flip the role of technology. Today’s technology should be a tool used to help me evaluate what’s worth my time. The solution is rather simple. It starts by flipping data ownership from the platforms to the individual.

That is exactly what we are building. A shift from the current cloud / mobile system to a new starting point we call Light. In Light the individual owns all of their information, their entire digital footprint in a single source of truth and interacts in a peer-to-peer network to privately and securely share access to their data.

 We are an early stage startup headquartered in Albuquerque, NM (my home town) and London, United Kingdom. We’re bringing together a team of leading artists, scientists, engineers, and business executives to build freedom and choice. This shift will put the individual at the center, in a new market where they are in control.


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