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How does the LENS app work?

LENS creates aliases for your real emails and phone numbers. An alias is a separate email or phone number that links to your real email or phone number. You can give out this alias email or phone number instead of your real contact info. If you find that you're getting spammed through your alias email or phone number, you can  revoke the alias. Revoking the alias will cut the connection between the alias and your real contact info. Since you never gave out your real email or phone in the first place, you won't have to worry about any more spam or abuse.

What if LENS gets hacked? Why should I trust LENS with my real information?

What do I do if my contact info is already spread all over the internet? Can Lens help me take it back?

Are there any hidden costs to LENS?

What would I use the LENS app for?

Is the LENS app limited to protecting my contact information?