Mark Chavez

Co-Founder & CEO of Lens


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My Journey

I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico on a ranch raising quarter horses and running cattle. It was some of the toughest work and the most rewarding. I learned important values that are still with me today. After 30 years of my head in the Clouds, including executive roles at, I am back in Albuquerque, grateful to be working with leading scientists and artists to build Lens: a company that offers a unique opportunity for individuals to take back their identity and own their truth.


CV Summary

I acquired a B.S. degree in Nuclear Engineering from Texas A&M and started my professional career at Los Alamos National Laboratory. I worked on the Nuclear Emergency Search Team (NEST) developing diagnostic solutions for safeguarding national security. This R&D experience enabled me to work alongside and learn from some of our nation's leading scientists. It was an adventure in technology and integration and one of the best jobs I have had.

In 1995 I left to Dallas, Texas to join my first startup Pegasus Solutions. We built a centralized switch to connect the airline global distribution systems to the hotel reservations systems. Some of our first customers were Travelocity and Expedia. Pegasus went public in 1998 and is still in operation today. My experience with Pegasus encouraged me to start again with other emerging cloud themed transformations.

I eventually made it to in 2006 as CIO. It was here that we had an idea to run Salesforce business operations in the Cloud. We called it Salesforce on Salesforce. Our goal was to build a cloud solution for CIO's to shift their attention away from "keeping the lights on" and allow them to focus on innovation.

It's now time for a complete shift from the Cloud, to a network where individuals are in full ownership and control of their information. No longer do we need centralized platforms and integrated mobile devices to communicate with one another. This shift is at the core of the Lens network and movement. In the future, enterprises will no longer own our data, they will have to subscribe to it and technology will flip from trying to get our time, to helping us evaluate - what is worth our time.

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